Helpful Wedding Photo Suggestions


As a good wedding photographer, you will have spent time with the couple to find out the style of the wedding and the photographs that they would particularly like you to take. Whether you are hired solely for the ceremony or are there for the entire eighteen hours from the time the bride and groom start preparing for their big day to the moment they drive away from their reception, there is a lot of pressure on the photographer.

Here are fifteen helpful wedding photo suggestions:

1. Wear comfortable shoes: As a wedding photographer on a wedding day, you are going to be walking around a lot. Stilettos might look good, but they will soon hurt.

2. Deal with competition confidently: if guests are getting in the way of your work. Let them know when you are taking a 2 minute break so they can jump in.

3. Be honest about the photographs you can take on the day: Help your couple to get a realistic list of shots they would like on the day. Suggestions include meeting just the couple earlier in the day.

4. Create a ‘must have’ shoot list: Ask your couple what photographs they really want and be sure not to miss these vital shots.

5. Use longer lens at the start: Allow nervous couples some space to relax in front of the camera before changing lens later.

6. Note names: Ask for the name and cell phone number of the maid of honour and the best man. They can help you find missing family members for photos.

7. Carry a spare: take a second camera as back-up in case you have a critical failure. If you do not have a spare, hire one. Having two cameras allows you to have a different lens on each body. This way you can very quickly switch from telephoto to standard zoom as the wedding party moves around.

8. Pack spare batteries: One battery is unlikely to last the day, take a couple of spares.

9. Do not forget memory: Have at least thirty gigs of memory cards in your bag to save you worrying about running out of space.

10. Be discreet: Be personable and cheerful, but stay invisible wherever possible. At the ceremony and during the toast use a longer lens.

11. Capture the details: a picture of the bride’s shoes, a picture of the cake topper, etc. will be appreciated photos.

12. Be clear about services: before you start, be specific about the services included in the price the couple are paying and sign a contract.

13. Watch for the little, unexpected moments: couples love it when you capture the unexpected, un-staged events.

14. Check venue policy: Some venues do not allow flash photography or have restrictions on where the photographer can be during the ceremony, etc.

15. Three little words: Ask the couple for three words to describe their vision of the day, keep these suggestions in mind as you photograph.