Biography of Brian Szwajkos: Wedding Photographer


Hello, I am Brian. I have always had a passion for creating images. As a child my passion was painting. Then, when I was 10 years old I got my first camera, a Russian Zenit SLR. I became fascinated by photography and practiced and learned as much as I could. Within the year I had upgraded to a Pentax. By this time, my passion for painting was overtaken by my love of photography. I enrolled at the New York Institute of Photography where I graduated in 2006.

I came to understand that I most enjoy photographing people and landscapes. Wedding photography and portraiture is a mixture of the two. I thrive on the high pressure of a wedding to create the best photographs. My greatest reward is to walk away from a photography shoot knowing I have created a set of photographs that evoke beauty, fun and a genuine sense of emotional sincerity that my client is going to love.

For me, the most important part of photography is to make the viewer feel something when they see the wedding photographs. The initial ‘wow’ factor is great, and something I work really hard on creating for every client. Sometimes though, some of the best images are the pictures that come to mean more and more to the couple in years to come. The photographs of the father seeing his daughter in her bridal gown for the first time, the grandmothers as flower-girls, the young child peeping out behind the curtains as the bride and groom kiss. I have these shots in mind when I’m shooting.

My approach fuses classical, elegant wedding portraiture with the informal to create beautiful, natural pictures that really mean something to the clients. I always look for great settings, interesting things, to make my pictures unique and truly personal from the time the bridal couple are preparing for their ceremony through to their departure from the wedding reception.


I am a member of the Master Photographers Association and have won regional awards for my contemporary and classical wedding photographs.

I also work with different online vendors and retailers – product photography is my second specialty. Some of my work can be seen at in their 8 year wedding anniversary presents page.




I am blessed with a beautiful wife, our three children and two rescue dogs who take up most of my spare time. I also photograph homeless dogs looking for their forever homes, donating my photography services every year to multiple dog rescue groups locally.


I look forward to hearing from you.